The Angel Band Story

The Angel Band Foundation was founded by Gene Hutchens at Warehouse Wired Studios in Trinity, NC. Concepts for the new non-profit corporation were developed after the tragic loss of several members of a close knit musical circle known as "The Happy Wednesday Band." To honor the memory of those called on to play in heaven's angel band, the mission became assisting kids dreams of learning music through education and instrument donation.The ABF began soliciting funds on August 28, 2006. Directors and volunteers of the new foundation organized benefit concerts and sold T-shirts to raise funds for programs dedicated to the idea of "spreading musical wings" to aspiring young musicians. Groups have gathered to play, sing, and record, for food, fellowship and fun, for promotions and festivals, workshops, picking circles, and jam sessions. We can never replace nor will we forget those called away, but in their memory we carry on to teach the children to play, sing and appreciate the magic of music.